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From Media Restoration to Archiving, Total Service Support

ORDER/Diverse legacy tape media from analog and digital tape to DAT are all acceptable. When submitting the media, please confirm that the work order list and media items match.
MEDIA INSPECTION/Work order and tape are kept in a single bag. While entrusted to ABS, the media is stored in a special locker.
MEDIA TREATMENT (tape baking)/After heat treatment, tape is stored in a special locker. After extended storage, tape media is susceptible to “sticky-shed” syndrome. The tape media then undergoes drying to stabilize the media.
DIGITIZATION/Digidesign Pro Tools are used to optimally digitize the treated media.
EDITING/If required, the content is separated by composition.
QUALITY CONTROL AUDITION/Audition the results to check for any problems such as noise.
COMPLETION/Digitized content is copied to the client’s requested media (Blu-ray Disc, HDD, etc.)
DELIVERY/After confirming the media against the work order list, the media are delivered.
Analog tape, Digital multi channel tape, DAT
Pro Tools editing screen
Hard disk

※After content has been digitized, corrected/restored, organized and in saved in a size suitable for storage on a Blu-ray Disc, it is burned on a Blu-ray Disc for archiving. (The period of archiving/storage is subject to negotiation.)